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Presented by Ave Maria University, Dr. Michael Dauphinais, Chair and Professor of Theology, sits down with colleagues and friends to discuss Catholic theology. Ave Maria is a Catholic University located in Southwest Florida. This Catholic ...more

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May 14, 2024 00:53:02
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Catholic Education Saves Souls | The Cardinal Newman Society

How is a good Catholic education foundational in forming the whole human person?Today, Dr. Michael Dauphinais sits down with Patrick Reilly, president, CEO, and...



May 07, 2024 00:53:59
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The Truth of the Eucharist | Sr. Albert Marie Surmanski

What does it mean to be good at believing in the Eucharist? Today, Dr. Michael Dauphinais is joined by Sr. Albert Marie Surmanski, a...



April 30, 2024 00:56:20
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The Power of Patristic Preaching | Rev. Andrew Hofer

Why are the teachings of the early Church Fathers still critically important today? Today, Dr. Michael Dauphinais sits down with Rev. Andrew Hofer, Dominican...



April 23, 2024 00:52:31
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Frodo’s Journey | Discovering the Hidden Meaning of the Lord of the Rings

What deeply Christian truths are hidden in J.R.R. Tolkien’s most famous work? Today, Dr. Michael Dauphinais is joined by Joseph Pearce, internationally acclaimed author...



April 16, 2024 00:49:50
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Christ is Our Protection | Fulton Sheen’s Teaching on the Demonic

How does recovering a sense of the demonic help in appreciating the Good News of Christ? Today, Dr. Michael Dauphinais is joined by Fr....



April 09, 2024 00:59:10
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The Way of Joy | Archbishop Menamparampil On Mother Teresa

How does the work of evangelization lead to true joy? Today, Dr. Michael Dauphinais is joined by Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil, who was ordained in...